JVL Group

Jai Vaibhav Laxmi Chit Fund Pvt. Ltd.


Founded on:  27th July 2007.

This organisation is registered under the Company act 1956 and Maharashtra Chit Fund Act 1974.

Directors of the company:

  • Shri. Virupaksha Shivappa Ankalkote Patil
  • Sou. Bhagyashree Virupaksh Ankalkote Patil.

The organization is expanded its territory all over India. 

As the name suggests, this organisation provides both prosperity (वैभव) and wealth (लक्ष्मी).

With the profits, the organisation gives away various gifts to the customers. The gifts include things like a Nano car.

The company gives the best customer award to one selected customer. Also, to encourage the employees, the best employee award is given.


Many customers got benefited through this organization. 



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