JVL Group

Jai Vaibhav Laxmi Foundation.


Since 2002, Jai Vaibhav Laxmi group contributes to a positive societal impact through diverse community engagement initiatives. It provides financial and psychological help to the deprived students and aged people of all backgrounds and religions.

In 2010, the group awarded Mrs. Sindhutai Sapkal. Also, it provided financial help to her organization. 

In 2012, they awarded Dr. Ashok Mahadik, director of ‘Netralaya’, an organisation which works for blind and orphan children. The organization also gave financial assistance to ‘Netralaya’.

This group provided financial help to various smaller and bigger associations. It distributed school books and uniforms to the students in need.  


From 2014, the same social work activities are continued under the name of Jai Vaibhav Laxmi Foundation.

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